1. January 14, 2022

    Why a JumpKing Trampoline?

    Do you have a JumpKing trampoline?

    Kids and adults alike all over the world love trampolining, who wouldn’t want a fun fitness solution in their own garden!

    Of course, fitness is based on both a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, but is your household enjoying themselves exercising, if the answer isn’t YES, then TRY IT!!!

    JumpKing trampolines harvest many unique features:

    ● Long-lasting XPE foams - resistant to moisture
    ● Frame joint POD connectors - for ultra sturdiness
    ● Strong 110gsm polyethylene netting - with UV protection
    ● Tri-layer welded tube socket - for extra stability
    ● Shatterproof patented G3 rods - securing enclosure netting
    ● The EuroSpring™ over-under spring design - for a softer bounce

    We have a large range to choose from:

    The ab

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  2. January 04, 2022

    2022 Jump into the New Year

    We’d like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year!!!

    Start the year by bouncing into a new hobby as your New Years resolution. If the new year means a new you, an active lifestyle and fitness is a great way to start.

    Treat yourself to a gym in your own back garden with your Christmas money. Choose from our trampolines, swings, goal posts and more…make massive savings on gym membership, by investing in FUN fitness solutions the whole family can use.

    Have you viewed our NEW JumpKing Friends range?

    We are the only UK stockist of My Hood branded products, such as scooters, basketball hoops, inflatable paddle boards and more for all ages.

    Help your whole family keep fit on outings with our range of high-quality affordable

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  3. December 15, 2021

    JumpKing Christmas 2021

    We’d like to say thank you to all our customers for choosing JumpKing, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Will a JumpKing trampoline for Christmas be all you really want…?

    If so, orders dispatched on 16th December are expected to meet guaranteed Christmas delivery.


    Our last dispatched day is the 22nd December orders must be received by 12 o'clock. Orders sent this day are expected next day delivery, but cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.


    Support Christmas Hours


    Closed: Midday 22nd December 2021 - 3rd January 2022

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  4. December 07, 2021

    JumpKing’s 12 Days of Christmas Special Offers!!!

    If you love surprises...have you heard, we’re currently celebrating the first 12 days of December by providing a different special offer each day. 


    Looking for FUN Christmas presents? Presents which your family can use to keep fit together.


    It’s not too late, check out our social media posts every day to reveal the latest daily offer a range of different style products are discounted.


    Grab a gift for your family to enjoy this Christmas and all year round.


    The holidays are nearly upon us, our seasonal gifts will keep giving every season of the year, hurry whilst stocks las

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  5. November 17, 2021

    My Hood NEW Range

    We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with My Hood to supply outdoor toys!


    We've teamed up with our partner in Denmark to offer the My Hood branded product range of scooters, bikes, swing cars, basketball hoops and paddle boards.

    Outdoor play stimulates the brain, this new product range is great for learning new skills, fitness and great fun for all ages!

    The My Hood brand of high-quality products has successfully been sold for many years in Denmark alongside our Jumpking trampolines.

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  6. November 12, 2021

    Jumpking Black Friday Deals 2021

    Keep an eye out NEW OFFERS will be posted from Friday 19th November up to Friday 26th November, we’ll be offering up to 60% OFF selected products!


    We’re excited to offer discounts on various mini bouncers, Bazoongi play tents, goal posts, Bazoongi slumber bags and a variety of different trampoline models.


    Visit our website from 19th November each week to view our new offers!


    Whether you’re looking for a huge sales bargain or you’ve started your Christmas shopping early, purchase gifts this season which will both support a kids fitness and offer them hours of endless fun and entertainment.


    Our range is loved, as it gives kids the opportunity to learn new skills whilst enjoying themselves, whether it’s imaginary play or physical jumping competitions etc. our products will have a positive impact of their lives.


    So start browsing our popular and new p

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  7. November 08, 2021

    Heard of our NEW range Jumpking Friends?

    We’re proud to announce, we are expanding our range.

    We've partnered up with Learning Space and others, to sell sensory equipment and toys.

    There are so many products in addition to fidget toys on the market, which will really help channel energy and further support children with Autism, ADAH and other neurological disorders.

    Our new range Jumpking Friends includes; Bouncy Hop Mattresses, Bouncyband Comfy Hugging Peapods, Bouncyband Weighted No Roll Yoga Balls, Bouncyband Wiggle Seat Sensory Cushions, Bounyband Foot Tappers, My Hood Scooters and much more.

    We regularly help support the Autism and ADHD organisation via our products and want to ensure our new range gives peace of mind to both children and parents.


    Check out our new range regularly, as products are continually being added!


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  8. October 22, 2021

    Remember this fifth of November

    You’ll want to avoid trampoline damage of bed and net burns from the bonfires and fireworks of Guy Fawkes 2021, so here’s some advice...


    Will you be celebrating this autumnal event?

    Guy Fawkes Night is the most common time of year, that your trampoline will suffer from burns.

    Even if you are not holding a party yourself, embers from neighbouring bonfires and of course landing firework debris, which can travel quite some distance from other gardens and field displays.


    Here at Jumpking, we’d recommend these basic steps:


    1. Drop your trampoline net
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  9. October 20, 2021

    Create a Scary Den this Halloween

    Will you be celebrating Halloween 2021?


    “It's close to midnight

    And something evil's lurking in the dark

    Under the moonlight

    You see a sight that almost stops your heart”


    Sound familiar?

    Perhaps you’re waiting for dusk, to light a pumpkin candle or two in your garden for trick or treaters...


    It’s fair to say all ages internationally enjoy Halloween party games, decorations and celebrations, so why not create your very own “scary den” this holiday.


    Take advantage o

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  10. September 27, 2021

    Is your trampoline “Winter Ready”?

    With the Autumn season upon us, start preparing your family trampoline for Winter 2021.


    If you’ve been Googling “Can you keep a trampoline outside in winter?”

    ...the answer is YES!!!


    There’s no need to take your trampoline down, as trampolining is great fun all year round and our JumpKing trampolines will survive!


    Simply ensure your trampoline has been adapted for upcoming harsher weather conditions.


    Trampoline winter care top tips:


    1. Lower your enclosure net during windy weather, as the height may damage your trampoline.
    2. Invest in a trampoline cover, to keep dry leaves and birds mess off, maintaining a clean trampoline.
    3. Invest in a
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