1. June 27, 2022

    Did you celebrate take your dog to work day?

    We had many dogs accompany us to our office and warehouse last Friday.


     Our dogs slept on the trampolines, product tested; “dog on trampoline”, “dog on UFO swing” etc. collected the post and generally helped out!


    Meet some of our four-legged office members who usually play in the garden whilst we work.


    Our dogs in the workplace:




    We hope you had assistance from your team's best friends in the workplace.

    Our dog team consisted of various breeds, of all ages who worked in Accounts, Customer Service and Sales for the day.





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  2. June 13, 2022

    Happy Father’s Day 2022

    Have a great Father's Day!!!

    We hope you've got a fun family day packed full of outdoor activities planned…

    Start with challenging Dad to a jumping competition on your trampoline.

    We have a vast collection of JumpKing trampoline models for the whole family to enjoy all year round.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for things to do for Father's Day garden activities are ideal for everyone to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air.

    Why not play a game of footie or two with Dad, our are perfect for a kick about in the garden, in the local park or anywhere, target practise will improve your accuracy ready for a family game.

    Or how about a relaxing afternoon on a JumpKing UFO swing, to rest and reminisce family memories this Father’s Day. A popular choice, we have a round or rectangular model to choose from, with a weight limit of 90kg.

    However you choose to spend your Sunday, we hope you have a great time, full of fun and family time together!

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    If you have any questions simply contact our team today.

    - JumpK

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  3. May 25, 2022

    Join Us at the Suffolk Show 2022

    Looking for a day out this May half term with the family?

    Join us to see our latest range of family garden entertainment. The Suffolk Agricultural Association (SAA) run and manage the show.


    Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June

    - Trinity Park, Felixstowe Road, Ipswich IP3 8UH -

    Show Stands Open: 8:30 am until 6 pm


    We’re proud to be supporting our local area, there are lots of things to see and do at the show. There is plenty to eat and drink, various entertainment, animals and funfair rides to ensure a fun day out for the whole family. There are even 70 free things to do there!!!

    The show will be outdoors with hundreds of exhibition stands, there really is something for everyone. There is a Farm Discovery Zone, A Military Zone, Sports Village, Flower and Garden Show, Platinum Years area, specially created for the Queen's Jubilee and much much more…

    Note: Well behaved dogs on leads are also welcome to the show.

    Don’t forget to book your tickets -

    Download a Visitors Map too s

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  4. May 19, 2022

    Great Gizmos NEW Range

    Have you heard about our Great Gizmos range?

    Great Gizmos specialise in kids ride on toys, a seller who has recently become a JumpKing Friend, the range includes a ride on fire engine, replica racing cars, a ride on rocket and a classic pull cart.

    These pedal classics are traditional toys which will encourage kid's skills whilst making learning fun, providing hours of entertainment.

    If you’re little one wants to be a racing driver, our vintage ride on car designs are perfect. Or perhaps our fire engine for little fire fighters or our rocket for little aspiring astronaughts…

    The traditional pull cart is ideal for kids to ferry around all their favourite toys.

    Great Gizmos have been providing high-quality products for over 25+ years.

    You’re kids with love this classic toy range, ideal if you’re also looking for unique gifts for family and friend's little ones too.



    Help kids imaginations thrive with these beautiful vintage pedal toys, each solid and durable for indoor or outdoor play.

    Every details has been though of, the fire truck even co

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  5. April 14, 2022

    Happy Easter Everyone

    Bank Holiday Easter Offers Now On!!!

    Up to 35% off nearly all our JumpKing Trampolines

    20% off our UFO Swings


    Will you be celebrating in the garden this Bank Holiday Easter weekend 2022? Perhaps your having family and friends over and looking for fun ideas…

    Why not browse our latest offers on our trampolines, garden swings and play tents for the best outdoor activities.

    Our range caters to ALL ages, making garden time more entertaining for everyone.

    Grab a bargain this Spring and be prepared for Summer too!



    View our trampoline enclosure models designed in different shapes and sizes. Our rectangular trampolines have been popular over the years with many budding gymnasts due to 3 “jumping zones”. Our ZorbPods have won awards, introducing a robust innovative shape to many a stylish garden, giving the bouncer a feeling of being inside a giant globe. Or perhaps your little chick needs their first mini bouncer trampoline this Easter to get them started? trampolining is simply fun fitness for all.

    Or maybe our “award-winning” UFO swings are perfect for your household to relax

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  6. April 02, 2022

    World Autism Awareness Day 2022

    We’re proud to raise awareness of World Autism Awareness Day this 2nd April

    World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) aims to highlight the daily difficulties that people with autism and others living with autism face. Autism is a growing global health issue owing to its increasing exposure in the press and common knowledge, gaining more understanding with activities planned every year to further increase and develop world knowledge of children and adults who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

    We are proud to regularly support the Autism & ADHD Organisation since 2015.

    It's great to know products we provide can help manage some of the most diagnosed neurological disorders.

    We choose a product every month to give a £5 donation to the Autism & ADHD Organisation from each sale. Just look for the description next to the product, and you'll know that by purchasing that product, you're helping fund all the fantastic work the organisation does in this global community.

    Autism & ADHD advocates the benefits of trampolining as a unique exercise experience.

    Group sports can often be overwhelming for children. Trampolining at home may be a great Autism and ADHD-friendly alternative as it avoids pressures connected to traditional sports or exercise settings. It’s fun and allows children and adults who have to manage sensory imbalances a safe way of seeking relief through the act of bouncing!

    There are lots of great products on JumpKing such as Bazoongi play tents, ideal to provide a space for children who need somewhere that feels safe to escape to for some peace and quiet.
    We also partnered up to supply further sensory equi

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  7. March 24, 2022

    Top Reasons to Trampoline

    It’s easy on joints

    It’s great weight loss fitness

    It’s more efficient than running

    It can improve your mood

    It can help improve balance, coordination and mobility

    It can increase bone density and muscle mass

    It can help lower blood pressure

    It increases circulation

    It improves core strength


    Reasons to get a trampoline

    Trampolining is a high energy workout that isn't taxing on your body.

    If you’re looking for cardio workouts at home which decrease fat and provide maximum oxygen consumption, we have the solution!

    Approximately 10 minutes on a trampoline = 30 minutes running

    Approximately 300 calories if you jump for 30 minutes

    Exercise is proven to relieve stress, release endorphins giving a solid mood boost.

    It offers a whole-body workout both physically and mentally.

    Above all, it’s FUN!!!


    Did you know schools are now using trampolines post covid to boost kid's mental health…?

    It's for ALL AGE

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  8. March 07, 2022

    Spring is Coming!!!

    Get your trampoline “Spring ready”

    The UK Spring season officially starts 20th March 2022, with Daylight Savings the following week 27th March 2022 (when the clocks “Spring” or “Jump” forward).

    Fact: By the meteorological calendar, Spring 2022 started on the 1st March, as the Spring season is defined as March, April and May.

    Do you need to prepare your JumpKing trampoline?

    Perhaps it’s in need of a little maintenance?

    View our  “Springs” this Spring!

    We sell both individual replacement trampoline springs and spring sets, depending on your requirement, or you may simply prefer to replace the full set regularly if frequently used.

    We supply various sizes from 5.5 inch trampoline springs up to 8.5 inch trampoline springs in both silver and gold colours. When measuring your springs please ensure you measure an unstretched or undamaged spring, from hook end to hook end.

    To determine the number of springs on a trampoline, please count the number of top rails on your trampoline and multiply by the number of spring holes in each top rail.

    The easy to use trampoline spring tool will help you install springs in no time.

    Trampoline springs are designed to securely attach your trampoline bed to the trampoline frame, they are highly resilient, however, a spring may need replacing from lots of use and over stretching due to exceeding the weight limits. 

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  9. February 25, 2022

    JumpKing’s UK 20th Birthday

    It’s our business birthday, we’re celebrating 20 years of Jumpking in the UK!!!

    JumpKing is the world's leading trampoline company, providing the quality and strength you would expect, our range caters for all ages, for your whole family to enjoy, trampolining is simply fun fitness for everyone!!!

    We have expanded from selling our JumpKing trampoline range, to a vast range of products.

    Our trampoline with enclosures include oval, round and rectangular models, of various sizes. Our large trampolines have been popular over the years with many gymnasts. Perhaps your little ones had their first mini bouncer trampoline from us which got them started?

    We are unique in selling trampoline spare parts too, such as nets, beds, surround pads and rods, saving you money with replacement parts as opposed to the cost of a new trampoline entirely when worn over time. 

    Our trampoline accessories include covers, ladders, tie down kits, accessory packs and colourful tents and canopies to brighten up playtime whilst offering extra UV protection.

    We then expanded our range to Bazoongi play tents and sleeping bags. Featuring popular designs to let little one's imaginations run wild, easy to construct and ideal for indoor playtime during the winter months.

    If your family are football fans, we have designed JumpKing footballs and football goals to ensure per

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  10. February 11, 2022

    We’re now Friends of Joules

    We’re excited to announce we’re now also selling through Friends of Joules!

    We have a selection of our products available on their website, including;


    Combo Deluxes

    Mini Bouners

    Oval JumpPODs

    Round JumpPOD Deluxes

    Rectangular Pros

    UFO Swing


    View our JumpKing collection in their home and garden “outdoor toys” category:


    Our most popular trampoline models and UFO round and rectangular swings are guaranteed to make your garden time more fun and entertaining.

    Are your little ones ready for their first mini bouncer trampoline?

    If your teenagers want to chill out on a comfortable seat swing, our 360-degree UFO swings are perfect!

    Or perhaps you want to experience the ultimate bounce if you’re a budding gymnast, try one of our large rectangular trampolines!

    Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby or a fun way to keep fit, trampolining is ideal for kids and adults alike, include you

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