1. NEW JumpKing UFO Rectangular Swing

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    We are proud to introduce the UFO rectangular swing to the JumpKing range, EXCLUSIVELY sold by us, new to the market and unlike any other swing.


    Looking for a garden swing that’s quick and easy to assemble to provide hours of fun for both kids and adults?

    A swing seat made from the same base as a trampoline, built for comfort!

    It’s ideal whether you want to sit in it and enjoy the rocking motion, twist around in circles or simply kick back and relax in the sun.

    This UFO swing has a striking black and yellow powder-coated frame giving it a futuristic look. This unique design of frame will add extra fun to your garden, it is suitable for both grass or hard standing.

    This swing can hold more than one child, up to a weight limit of 90kg, ideal for kids to play alongside their friends and family.


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  2. Things To Do


    Looking for ideas this Easter holidays…


    Looking for ideas this Easter holidays…

    Following the latest 12th April guidelines, the rule of 6 and garden visits are back. Outdoor catchups with friends and family and BBQs are filling our social calendars once more.

    Visiting outdoor attractions is great, but not always the cheapest, and bookings can be hard to get, so on those days when kids might be a little “bored”, but the weathers good, stay outside and make the most of the school holidays in your back garden for free!!!

    Fresh air is great for productivity and when better to get creative thinking caps on than during the kid’s holidays.

    Have you tried,

    • A homemade garden assort course (made up of household items)
    • Garden races (run lengths between the trees
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  3. Easter Sale Now On

    Float:leftLooking to put the Spring in Easter...


    We’re offering 10% off our popular Jumpking Combo Deluxe trampolines!!!

    We have three different sizes available; 8ft, 10ft and 12ft.

    Each include the deluxe black ladder, making it easy to access the trampoline and a tie down kit to ensure extra security.

    Trampolining is great for the whole family, whether for general exercise and fitness, entertainment or parties, providing hours of fun.


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  4. World Autism Awareness Week

    Float: leftMonday March 29th - Sunday 4th April 2021


    We are proud to support the Autism & ADHD Organisation making a regular monthly donation and providing products which can help manage some of the most diagnosed neurological disorders. The charity needs your help more than ever!

    About the charity

    Group sports can often be overwhelming for children. Trampolining at home is a unique exercise experience, which may provide that perfect Autism and ADHD-friendly alternative as it avoids pressures connected to traditional sports or exercise environments.

    Trampolining is fun! It allows children and adults who have to deal with sensory imbalances a safe way of seeking relief through the act of bouncing.

    You may have seen our blog

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  5. School Studies on a Trampoline

    Float: LeftLooking to add an element of creative learning to homeschooling?


    Utilise your garden trampoline as a fun space to both play and learn outdoors.


    It is said that fresh air is good for learning, higher oxygen levels circulate the brain, which helps feel energized and improves the ability to concentrate and remember information. Learn in your own outdoor classroom!


    This scientific fact makes the outdoors a good place for academic studies and an especially good place for more physical subjects, e.g. Art or PE.

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  6. Shop Now Pay Later with Klarna


    Shop Now Pay Later with KlarnaLooking for a trampoline on finance...we’ve partnered with Klarna.

    If you’ve been searching for “who accepts Klarna”, we do.







    So, how does Klarna work?

    Simply shop as normal, then choose Klarna at checkout as the payment method, you’ll be able to purchase instantly, and spread the cost over 3 equal payments once every 30 days starting from the date of purchase.

    Payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout.

    Payment plan - Your first payment will be made when your order is confirmed and instalments 2 and 3 are scheduled 30 and 60 days later, respectively, no interest,

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  7. Finding the right trampoline

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    On the Market for a high-Quality trampoline for the whole family?

    Our top tips on choosing the right trampoline for you…

    1. Trampoline Sizes - When choosing the size of a trampoline, you need to consider not only the available space but also its safety. The trampoline must be placed on a level surface at least 2m from any structures or obstructions such as fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electricals wires. 
    2. Activity - When choosing a trampoline, it is important to decide who and what the trampoline is going to be used for. Whether it’s for younger kid
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  8. A Jump Start to the New Year

    Are you looking for a 2021 New Year’s resolution?








    Adults all over the world would have set the goal “keep fit” sometimes
    without feeling the most make exercise fun, kids in the
    household will tell you how enjoyable exercise on a trampoline is, try it!!!

    If the new year means a new you, being healthy is of course based on both
    a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, especially tough at the moment
    during lockdown when exercise is more limited.

    We can help your whole family keep fit from the safety of your own home.

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  9. Jumpking Christmas 2020 Hours

    We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to customers for choosing

    Jumpking and we look forward to welcoming new customers in the New Year.

    Please see our Christmas open hours below:

    Christmas Support Hours

    Closed: Thursday 24th December 2020 - Sunday 3rd January 2021

    Reopen: Monday 4th January 2021


    Exciting NEW Jumpking products arriving in 2021!!!

    So, if you’re looking for New Year’s Resolutions...a new hobby to keep amused at home or in the garden...or simply a fun new way to keep fit…Trampolining is for everyone, giving a whole-body workout, whilst improving wellbeing.

    NB: Low impact on joints, trampolines take up to 80% of the stress off your weight-bearing joint

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  10. The Benefits of Trampolining

    Looking for things to do?




    It is more important than ever to find ways to keep amused at home or in
    the garden. Trampolining is for everyone and is beneficial for so many


    ● It’s a fun way to keep busy
    ● Whole-body workout both physical and mental
    ● Helps improve the effects of other exercises
    ● Firms and tones muscles
    ● Strengthens the heart (cardiovascular health)
    ● Helps circulate oxygen

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