1. October 20, 2021

    Create a Scary Den this Halloween

    Will you be celebrating Halloween 2021?


    “It's close to midnight

    And something evil's lurking in the dark

    Under the moonlight

    You see a sight that almost stops your heart”


    Sound familiar?

    Perhaps you’re waiting for dusk, to light a pumpkin candle or two in your garden for trick or treaters...


    It’s fair to say all ages internationally enjoy Halloween party games, decorations and celebrations, so why not create your very own “scary den” this holiday.


    Take advantage o

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  2. September 27, 2021

    Is your trampoline “Winter Ready”?

    With the Autumn season upon us, start preparing your family trampoline for Winter 2021.


    If you’ve been Googling “Can you keep a trampoline outside in winter?”

    ...the answer is YES!!!


    There’s no need to take your trampoline down, as trampolining is great fun all year round and our JumpKing trampolines will survive!


    Simply ensure your trampoline has been adapted for upcoming harsher weather conditions.


    Trampoline winter care top tips:


    1. Lower your enclosure net during windy weather, as the height may damage your trampoline.
    2. Invest in a trampoline cover, to keep dry leaves and birds mess off, maintaining a clean trampoline.
    3. Invest in a
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  3. National Fitness Day 2021



     Will you be celebrating National Fitness Day next Wednesday 22nd September?


     It’s a celebration for all ages to embrace and what’s a really fun way for all ages to keep fit?...Trampolining!








    Help raise awareness of the role that physical activity plays across the UK, its importance in helping us lead healthier lifestyles through being physically active.


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  4. 5 Things to do on a Trampoline before Summer ends...

    With a countdown of days until Summer 2021 ends and “back to school” starts, make sure your kids have a few “JumpKing trampoline days” and play outdoors.


    Summer Trampoline “To Do” Checklist:





    1. Create a trampoline tent/cosy den (colourful trampoline canopy range and trampoline tent range available)


    2. Play various trampoline chalk games

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  5. GB Olympic Success

    We’d like to start by reminding readers of our athlete Bryony Page’s amazing achievement, winning Bronze for trampolining!


    If you watched the Olympics, you’ll know Great Britain won 65 medals; 22 Gold, 21 Silver and 22 Bronze this year in Tokyo. Proudly it was our second-best performance of all time, securing a brilliant fourth-place finish overall in the final medals table.


    It was Bryony’s second Olympic trampoline medal, following her previous achievement at the last Olympics 2016, in Rio. The 30 year-old became the first British female gymnast in any gymnastic discipline to win medals across two or more Games.

    Looking back, after graduating she concentrated full-time on her trampolining career.


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  6. Celebrate Parent's Day

    We’re delighted to know parents will be celebrating with their kids this Sunday 25th July 2021.


    For all the things you do Mum’s and Dad’s, you deserve to spend some quality time with your family this Sunday in the fresh air of your own garden, taking some time out, playing together.


    Trampolining is for all ages, so everyone can be involved in the fun!

    Or perhaps you’d all prefer to simply spend some time relaxing on a family JumpKing trampoline playing board games or watching a movie together.

    Our trampoline accessories of tents, canopies and

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  7. Summer Holiday Discounts

    Start the school summer holidays by purchasing kids outdoor entertainment to keep your little ones amused for hours of imaginary play and sporting fun!!!!


    The sun is shining so you’ll want to make the most of your garden with “fun things to do for free”.


    We’re offering two weeks discounts (until 4th August 2021) on all our Bazoongi play tents and Jumpking football goals, hurry whilst stocks last!!!


    Our football goals are great for training all year round, with both a small and medium option to choose from. Our goal posts are designed to be portable too as they are freestanding, whether kids wi

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  8. Imaginary play with Bazoongi play tents


    Our colourful kids play tent range is perfect to feed kids imaginations, hurry sale ends in less than 2 weeks!


    Make the most of the summer sunshine in your garden with our discounted Bazoongi play tent designs. Kids will love interacting with their friends and family, creating new adventures.


    We have 14 fun scenes to choose from, depending on your little ones preference:


    • Woodland Fairy Hut
    • Dinosaur Play Structure
    • Dollhouse Play Structure
    • Gingerbread House
    • Learning Cottage
    • Mushroom House
    • Palmtree Monkey Hut
    • Pink Stripe Bed Tent
    • Planetarium
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  9. Top 5 Chalk Trampoline Games

    Summer has arrived and the sunshine draws us all outdoors to our gardens.


    Trampolining is the best active form of garden entertainment for the whole family, we highly recommend it, however, if you’re looking for a more relaxing way to use your trampoline this year, why not try playing chalk games on the trampoline bed.






    1. Hopscotch
    2. Noughts and Crosses
    3. Hangman
    4. Obstacle Course
    5. Dots and Boxes


    Or perhaps simply let your kids artist flare shine through with chalk drawing time on your trampoline bed.


    Hours of amusement, fitness and fresh air outdoors is beneficial for everyone's health. Fill your garden with laughter this summer.


    If little ones require some shade f

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  10. NEW Arrivals and Bazoongi Sale

     We are proud to announce that during May we introduced 3 new types of JumpKing trampoline models.


     Trampolining is great whether it's your chosen professional sport, preferred hobby or simply a fun way to keep fit. It’s garden entertainment for the whole family!


     Check out our latest models via the links below:



    2 JumpPoD Deluxe Trampolines


    The new 12ft JumPOD Deluxe Trampoline V5 and the 14ft JumpPOD Deluxe Trampoline V5, each featuring a reversible blue or green heavy duty surround pad which enhances the overall aesthetics.


    It’s springs are cleverly configured in the over and under Eurospring™ design offering an amazing jumping experience.


    They also featu

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