Our 10ft trampoline skirt and 14ft trampoline skirt ensure a safe and accident-free trampolining experience with our round trampoline skirts. Specifically designed for use during jumping sessions, our trampoline safety skirts, when fitted to your round JumpKing trampoline, acts as a barrier to prevent children and pets from accessing the space beneath the trampoline, providing you with peace of mind.

Not only do these safety skirts offer protection, but they also come equipped with convenient pockets. These pockets allow you to store items such as shoes, belts, phones, and any sharp objects or valuables securely while enjoying your jumping experience. The skirt easily attaches to the trampoline enclosure frame via straps and includes metal pegs to firmly secure the netting to the grass.

Explore our extensive collection of trampoline accessories and spare replacement parts, including trampoline skirts designed to fit various shapes and sizes of trampolines. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities.

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