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Warranty Information

 Steps to File a Warranty Request:

1.    Go to and click on the log in or register if you don’t have an account.

2.    Click on the warranty claim form

3.    Complete the form

4.    Attach a copy of a receipt or a proof of purchase (bank or credit/debit card statement).

5.    Also, attach a photograph of the damaged item, if  you cannot attach a picture, please post the picture and forms to our company (mailing address below).

6.    If you print out a copy you can mail it to: YJ Europe Ltd, Unit 3/3a, Farthing Road Ind Est, Farthing Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 5AP

7.    Allow up to 72 hours to process the claim once it is submitted or received.

8.    You will receive your replacement part within 7-10 days from the time your claim is processed.



JumpPOD Deluxe 2016+,  Zorbpods, OvalPODs 2016+, Jumpking Deluxe, Highjumps, Rectangulars, Ingrounds

JumpPOD Classic, Jumppod Deluxe pre 2016, Ovalpods pre 2016, Octopod, Jumpking Popular


JumpPod SelectJumpking Premium Trampolines - 7.5ft & Circus Tent, 7ft x10ft OvalCombo, 6ft x 9ft Rectangular


Tesco BZJK, Bazoongi Trampoline,

The Range & Tesco YJ1013DG

My First Trampoline

Mini Bouncers

What is covered
Frame10   Years10   Years3   years51Structural   failure due to rust.
Bed Fabric5  Years5   Years2   years11Structural   failure due to rot
Springs5   Years5   Years2   years11Structural   failure due to rust or breaking
Frame Pads2   Years1   Years1   year11Structural   failure due to rot or faulty stitching
Stitching for Beds5   Years5   Years1   year11Signs   of breaking threads



Ladders, Covers & Tie Down Kits

2   year


1 year

1   year


1 year

1   year


1 year







Zip  and stitching faults, netting material  fault

Structural failure due to rot, rust or faulty stitiching


 What   is not covered     
FrameBuckling of the frame parts, due to wind damage or from force of trampoline being hit or pulled.     
Bed FabricRips, cuts, burn holes     
SpringsExtended or over stretched springs due to weight being exceeded.     
Frame PadsToggle  Loops or ties, discolouration     
NetsRips, cuts, burn holes.     



Bazoong Play tents/trampoline tentsCovered forWhat is covered
Structure Poles1 yearManufacturing defects
Tent Fabric1 yearManufacturing defects
 What is not covered 
Structure PolesSnapping of poles due to user error. Weather damage due to being left up when not in use and in wet or windy weather. 
Tent Fabric

Rips, cuts, burn holes, pulled threads due to wear and tear or user error. Weather damage due to being left up when not in use and in wet or windy weather.