Safety Guidlines

Trampoline Safety Guidelines

You can never be "too safe" when dealing with a trampoline. Even with all of the newer safety measures in place such as padding and nets, injuries still occur.

Here are 4 key ways to avoid trampoline related injuries:

1. Supervision is first on the list. You should always watch your children carefully when they are on the trampoline. Kids get brave when adults are not present, so make sure you have a watchful eye on them.

2. Limit the number of children on the trampoline. It is also a good idea to limit the number of children jumping at one time. Children can get rowdy and collisions do happen. If children are turning flips or cartwheels, then only one child at a time should be allowed on.

3. Never jump onto the trampoline. Children (and adults) should never jump onto the trampoline from another surface and should not jump onto another surface from the trampoline. Many injuries have occurred when children attempt to jump from the roof to the trampoline or from the trampoline into a swimming pool.

4. Never jump on a trampoline when the surface is wet. A wet trampoline bed (the jumping surface) is too slippery for safe jumping. Also, gusty or severe winds can cause jumpers to lose control. Use the trampoline only under appropriate weather conditions.