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Trampoline Guide

The popularity of trampolines and trampolining is soaring as families discover the many benefits of owning a trampoline. It is great fun for all the family, both children and adults alike. Not only is it fantastic fun but trampolining is a great way to exercise and provides lots of health benefits for everyone.

There's never been a better time to buy one. They're great fun and can keep children entertained for hours as well as encouraging balance and co-ordination.


Which Is The The Best Trampoline For Me?

There are many different trampolines both in style and quality. With the number available this could be confusing for the newcomer, which is why we have put together this page to help you find out all the information you need. You need to be sure you have selected the right trampoline for your needs, and that represents good value for money.  Ask yourself the following questions to help you pick the right trampoline for you.

  1. Consider who is going to use the trampoline: just children or adults too? Check the trampoline weight limits on the models you are considering.
  2. Quality trampolines are built to last and may cost a little bit more but the investment is worth it.
  3. Will it be too small for your growing children in 2 to 3 years' time? Think about the overall size. Bear in mind that a 14ft round trampoline has 44% more jumping area than a 12ft model making it suitable as your children grow.


Specific points to look for in a trampoline:

There are many trampolines on the market with JumpKING®, commonly regarded as the most reliable trampoline manufacturer in the world, buying a Jumpking will ensure that you are able to benefit from their years of manufacturing experience when making your choice:

  1. Safety net /enclosure:
    Many models have nets that are suspended from straight poles with ropes or bungees. This has the disadvantage of leaving the net loose and so “gives” more when in use, putting more strain on the netting and increasing the chance of damage. The entire JumpKING® range of trampolines that are supplied have gone further with a revolutionary design to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.
  2. G3 Trampoline Enclosure
    Unique and patented enclosure fixing. Added strength and shape to enclosure net. With the netting secured in the ends of the enclosure poles by our strong and flexible G3 rods ensures tension is always in the net even when the trampoline is in a “relaxed” state. Robust and durable and easy to assemble.
  3. * Patented Tri Layer T Connector:
    The main stress point on any trampoline is the connecting socket on the Top Frame. JumpKING® have developed the patented Tri layer T connector to combat this.
  4. T Connector and Welded socket:
    Most budget trampolines use U bolts with spacers and wing nut fastenings. These have two main faults, in that the fixings shake loose with use, and the enclosure poles lean in. With the T Connector and welded socket, the enclosure poles are rigidly and accurately held in position.
  5. Sturdy tri-layer socket:
    Our higher specificaiton JumpPOD range benefits from the sturdy tri-layer socket, the enclosure poles slot directly into this socket which goes into the leg of the trampoline.
  6. Under and Over Eurospring:
    The JumpPODs also use the under and over Eurospring, this design reduces stress on the frame and ensures optimum jumping performance..


Is a safety net essential?

All Jumpking trampolines come with a safety net. We advise that the nets are left up for safety reasons.


What Are The Benefits of Trampolining?

Using a fitness trampoline is a fun way to exercise and could help tackle childhood obesity and increase the overall fitness and well-being of your child. In fact the latest research suggests that trampolining can even be used as an effective tool for children with autism to improve co-ordination.


If you've ever tried trampolining you'll know that it is a lot of fun and the cardio health benefits of using trampolines can make it a sound investment for your whole family.

We also offer advice on looking after your trampoline, where to position it, and other safety issues. Once you have read the Health benefits section you should be encouraged to buy a trampoline and begin jumping & rebounding immediately! After all, they're fun and a great gymnastic rebounding exercise. Trampolining for Sport covers the professional side of trampolining, including advanced trampolining moves and details on clubs.



It is not advisable to position your trampoline on a smooth hard surface like concrete. The trampoline will move a little with every bounce, which wears away the leg base leading to corrosion. This is not a problem on grass surfaces where the legs bed in naturally. If the trampoline has to be sited on a hard surface, rubber floor guards can be bought to fit onto the leg bases. Most round trampolines will require 8 guards. In addition, for safety reasons we always recommend a safety enclosure is fitted.


Can I sink my Trampoline into the ground?

Sinking A Trampoline

There are pros and cons when considering sinking the trampoline into the ground. The trampoline is less visible and it provides easy access on and off the trampoline. If anyone was to fall from the trampoline the height is reduced. Decide whether you want the trampoline just above or flush with the ground. It is difficult for air underneath compressed by bouncing to escape through the tight mesh of a polypropylene jumping bed. This affects and inhibits the bounce.

The options are either:

To set the trampoline bed 6" above the ground, allowing the air to escape under the top rail, or by constructing underground air vents. Using flexible plastic pipe, these need to lead to the surface, where they can be concealed in a suitable site.

Trampolines with a 2-string bed can be positioned flush with the ground as the air passes freely through them.

You need to ensure that your trampoline is stable once positioned in the pit.

You don't want the trampoline to start tilting after a few weeks so this may require a concrete floor, depending on your local soil conditions. If so, you will need guards to protect the feet of the trampoline to prevent damage, corrosion and the trampoline slipping.

It is important that there isn't a gap between the edge of the trampoline and the ground large enough for a child's ankle or wrist to get trapped in.

Make sure your pit does not collect water when it rains. Clay soil can be a problem. A trampoline/pond combination is not desirable!

Please see diagram (for inground models only) showing dimensions for sinking your trampoline into the ground.


How much space should I leave around my trampoline?

A minimum of 24 feet (7.3 meters) of overhead clearance is required. Adequate horizontal clearance of at least two feet all around the trampoline must be maintained from objects and possible hazards including electric power wiring, tree limbs, recreational structures, and fences.


Do I need a ladder?

Jumpking trampolines are approximately 3ft in height from the ground to the bed. Depending on the height of your child you may need to use a ladder, which can then be removed preventing little ones climbing on without parental supervision. Some of our JumpPOD range come with a ladder included.


I'm having some trouble assembling my trampoline. What should I do?

Be sure that you have read and are following all instructions. Changing the instructions will make it difficult or impossible to correctly assemble your trampoline. For a round trampoline, each of the top rails with leg sockets acts as a bridge between two support assemblies (the W-shaped base with leg extensions attached). When attaching the bed to the frame, it is important to keep the spring tension even. Springs should be attached evenly in quarters first, placing a spring at 12 O’clock, 6, 9 & 3 O’clock. Then add the rest of the springs with the same amount  in each quarter, ensuring you keep the same amount of springs in each quarter until complete. Failing to do this will result in the bed being very difficult to put on and can result in overstretched springs that will not be covered by your warranty.

We advise that two people assemble the trampoline on average it takes 2 hours to put together. If you are having problems with assembly you can refer to our user manuals and videos on our support page or call our customer service team during office hours on 01473 747792.

Please note that tampering with the frame of the trampoline or any other part will nullify your warranty.


What do I do if I have a question or a concern?

Contact our Customer Service Department at 03448004060. Any of our team will be happy to assist you.


Will a Jumpking canopy fit my trampoline?

Click here to download PDF




Safety Trampoline

After using our Trampolines Guide and having chosen your trampoline, ensure you purchase the necessary quality safety equipment such as a Trampoline Accessory pack, Also ensure that the trampoline you buy is manufactured to both the US (ASTM) and the EU (TUV) standard. All JumpKING® Trampolines comply with these safety standards. Another great resource on trampoline safety is the trampoline safety factsheet provided by RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). You can find the Factsheet at Trampoline Safety Factsheet. next it is important to learn how to a) use it safely and b) where is the best place to put it. After all, there are many potential hazards that can occur when using a trampoline. These include falling off the trampoline, landing improperly while trampolining or even falling off the trampoline. Purchasing suitable trampoline safety equipment, taking your children to trampolining lessons or courses and ensuring there is a responsible adult supervising them at all times are all ways that you can help ensure that they can enjoy their trampoline and help avoid accidents or injuries. According to the RoSPA trampoline safety factsheet 75% of injuries occur when more than one person is on the trampoline. Remove the ladder after use so that young children can't get onto the trampoline unsupervised and older children will see the removal of the ladder as a sign that they are not allowed on to the trampoline.

Ensure your children are supervised at all times when they are bouncing on trampolines.


Trampoline Safety Rules

To ensure safe trampolining for all the family, please follow these Safety Rules. 1. Use the trampoline only under mature, knowledgeable supervision. 2. Inspect the trampoline before each use. This includes the frame assembly and the springs. Tears in the jumping bed can quickly grow and become un-repairable if continually used. 3. DO NOT allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time. 4. DO NOT attempt stunts. Somersaults and other dangerous manoeuvres can cause serious injury or death, even if you land in the middle of the bed. If you wish to take your trampolining skills further, consider joining a local club. 5. DO NOT jump off the trampoline. Always climb on and off the trampoline. 6. Avoid jumping too high. 7. DO NOT use your trampoline when feeling ill, tired, when using medication or under influence of alcohol. 8. Protect your trampoline from unsupervised use. Removing the ladder can stop a young child climbing on to the trampoline whilst unattended. 9. Only use your trampoline when the surface of the bed is dry. 10. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the trampoline.


Can the maximum weight limit apply to the combined weight of two people?

We always recommend that only one person uses the trampoline at a time for safety reasons. If you do allow more than one person to bounce at a time, please ensure that the combined weight does not exceed the overall weight limit.


Is it ok to jump on the trampoline if it's wet?

No. A wet trampoline bed (the jumping surface) is too slippery for safe jumping. Also, gusty or severe winds can cause jumpers to lose control. Use the trampoline only in appropriate weather conditions.


Is it dangerous if I get a static shock from the trampoline?

A static shock occurs after an electrical charge is built up in the jumper, this usually happens from the nylon jumping mat having constant friction from your feet when wearing cotton socks and can occasionally create a harmless static shock. Jumping in bare feet can reduce the risk of a static shock but will not eliminate the risk entirely.

Beware, if you have built up a static charge while on the trampoline and then touch someone else,  the electrical charge could pass on to them and give you both a shock.

A rubber mat placed on the floor at the entrance to the trampoline can help stop static shocks.


How many people may jump on a trampoline at one time?

Only one person should jump on a trampoline at a time. Jumpers should always be supervised.

Trampoline Care


Before using your trampoline

On a daily basis before letting the children on the trampoline, you should check the condition of the frame and mat and ensuring that all the springs are attached.


Why does the black from the jumping surface sometimes rub off on jumpers clothes?

During the weaving process sometimes tiny particles of polypropylene yarn is chaffed off by the loom. This is normal and occurs with all weaving of thermoplastic yarns, however, at times there is more static electricity than usual and it causes these small particles to cling to the fabric. They will stay on the fabric for many months. Once the trampoline mat is outside in the garden the rain and wind can start to dislodge these little particles of polypropylene and they will slowly go away.


How should I care for my trampoline in the winter months?

Be sure to remove any snow so that it does not accumulate on your trampoline's bed (and cause the springs to stretch). Depending on the severity of winter winds in your area, you may want to remove the frame pads and store them inside. Please note, we always advise the use of a TDK, these can be purchased separately. Please see our accessories page for product details.


What is the best way to clean my trampoline?

To clean your jumping bed and surround pad all you need is a cloth and some warm water, we advise not to use detergent, soap powder or solvents as this could cause the surface to become slippery and unsafe. To keep leaves and mess off the bed and pad of the trampoline you could purchase a cover to leave on the trampoline when not in use.


Is it safe to move the trampoline once assembled?

Yes you can move your trampoline once you have assembled it. We recommend two people to lift it and once you have moved it to the final spot, please ensure all legs are stable.


Dismantling your trampoline

Jumpking trampolines are fully galvanized and can be left up for all year fun. We advise to drop the net and use a tie down kit to prevent the trampoline being blown over in high winds. If you want to take your trampoline down, please ensure the net, pad and bed are stored in a dry place where mice cannot get to them.


Where can I find a copy of my manual?

If you are looking for a copy of a manual from a trampoline or enclosure you have purchased from YJ Europe Ltd or one of our re-sellers, please email your model number to [email protected], we will send a copy.


Can I purchase replacement parts for my trampoline?

Yes, we sell all spare parts for Jumpking and Bazoongi Models, most of the spare parts are listed on our website. If you cannot find the part you are looking for or are unsure which model you have, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.


What size trampoline do I have? 

To ensure you order the correct spares for your trampoline you need to make sure you know the size.

Measure your trampoline Frame edge to Frame edge - Including the springs (not just the black bouncing area). 

Please see diagrams below to assist:





ROUND - Frame edge to Frame edge one measurement

RECTANGULAR - Frame edge to Frame edge long side & Frame edge to Frame edge short side 

OVAL - Frame edge to Frame edge long side & Frame edge to Frame edge short side 


If you can only measure the bouncing area, remember to add 2ft to each side measured. For example; a rectangular trampoline bed  measuring 8ft x 12ft  would be a trampoline sized 10ft x 14ft. 

Once you know the measurement of your trampoline, you can then look for what spares you need to purchase for your trampoline. All sizes we provide on the listings are for the exact size of your trampoline measured frame edge to frame edge. 

If you need further assistance, call or email us as we are more than happy to help! 




What method of payments do you accept?

Whether you place your order by telephone or on our website, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Paypal sorry we do not accept American Express, or C.O.D.s. You can also pay by cheque, please make these payable to YJ Europe Ltd. The goods will be sent to you once the cheque has cleared, this normally takes 5 working days.


Is my payment secure?

Our Payment Service Provider is Sage Pay, the largest independent payment service provider (PSP) in the UK and Ireland. Sage Pay provides a secure payment gateway (Level 1 PCI DSS), processing payments for thousands of online businesses. Sage Pay uses a range of secure methods such as fraud screening, I.P address blocking and 3D secure. Once on the Sage Pay systems, all sensitive data is secured using the same internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards.

Sage Pay is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant to the highest level and maintains regular security audits. They are also regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities to ensure that their systems are impenetrable.

Sage Pay is an active member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) that defines card industry global regulation.

More information regarding shopping securely with Sagepay can be found via the following link:


Do you price match?

We are happy to match the price of any of our Jumpking resellers as long as the item is in stock.


Does my local store stock Jumpking Trampolines?

Jumpking trampolines can be found at Tesco in store and online, The Range and ASDA online. We also have a group of experienced trampoline and toy resellers who stock our trampolines and sell on line.


What is covered under warranty

Please see our table showing what is covered under warranty.




      Delivery can take 2 to 3 days (excludes Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays). We use TNT, DX Freight and Bartrums for our trampoline deliveries.  Smaller Items, such as Mini Trampolines, replacement parts and accessories will take approximately 3 working days from dispatch by Yodel not including day of order.  Your telephone number will be passed to the couriers and will only be used if there is an emergency, or to book-in the delivery if necessary. Our couriers usually will leave the parcel safe at the property - if you do not wish for this to happen please email our customer service team. 

      A signature is required for delivery of trampolines,  however we can sometimes arrange for items to be left with a neighbour or in a safe place. Please note that all goods are left at your own risk and we cannot take responsibility for goods that are subsequently stolen or damaged.

      Please note that the couriers are only obliged to deliver to your kerbside. They will not assemble any items.

      Delivery of trampolines to UK Mainland if FREE.

      For deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Isles and overseas destinations and extra charge will be applicable and will be shown in the cart page. 

      Delivery for Mini Trampolines, replacement parts and spares is £6.95 on top, delivery is by Yodel and is for UK MAINLAND ONLY, delivery to Northern Ireland, the Isles and overseas destinations will incur an extra charge. 

      Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for orders going to Northern Ireland and the Repbulic of Ireland. 


      I am ordering as a present, can it be sent to another address?

      Yes, you can get your item delivered to another address from the billing address. If you have forgotten to do this when placing your order online, please just give us a call and we can get it delivered to the correct address.


      Can I track my order online?

      Yes you can, Yodel items can be tracked through their website at using the tracking number you received in your confirmation of dispatch email. This will be for all of the smaller items, spare parts and Mini Bouncers.

      For trampolines and larger items, you can track with TNT through their website: 

      Do you deliver overseas?

      A list of our overseas  dealers are shown on the bottom of our home page, if you cannot find your local dealer or they do not supply the part you need,  please contact us on 01473 747792 or email [email protected] to ask for a quote. Please include your full name, address and contact number for us to give you an accurate quote.

      Our website does accept orders to ROI, if you need delivery of a trampoline to ROI, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Scottish Islands, there will be an extra delivery charge. Delivery of accessories and small parts will cost £13.00 to Northern Ireland, £12.00 to Isle of Wight and Isle of Man, £18.00 to The Channel Islands and £20.00 to Republic of Ireland. Larger items including Trampolines and Swings will be quoted on depending on total order weight and delivery address, the shipping charge will be shown in cart page. 

      For orders going to ROI you will be responsible for import VAT and Duty. If you proceed and refuse to pay the duties, the goods will be return to us - we will deduct any related charges from your refund.


      Friends Of Jumpking

      1. Learning Space

      1.1 Delivery

      1.1.1 Once the payment is processed, your order will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days (excluding bank holidays). Where possible, we will send you tracking details by email within 24 hours of your order being dispatched. If you do not receive tracking details or delivery information within 6 working days, please contact us at [email protected].

      1.1.2 Please provide a telephone number at checkout which will be passed on to the couriers in case they need to contact you on the delivery day. Please note that couriers are only obliged to deliver to your front door. They will not assemble any items.

      1.1.3 A signature is required for delivery; however, we can sometimes arrange for items to be left with a neighbour or in a safe place, so you do not need to wait in all day for delivery. If you are not at home our couriers will usually leave the parcel safe at the property. If you do not wish for this to happen, please include a note at checkout or contact our customer service team at [email protected]. Please note that all goods are left at your own risk, and we cannot take responsibility for goods that are subsequently stolen or damaged.

      1.1.4 If goods are refused by the recipient or the couriers have not been contacted after attempting delivery, the goods will be returned to us, and we will refund the purchase price less the cost of the delivery and any return charges we have incurred.

      1.2 Damages and Issues

      1.2.1 Please inspect your order upon receipt and contact us immediately at [email protected] if the items are defective or damaged, so that we can advise on next steps.

      1.2.2 Please note that the manufacturer can only replace any missing parts or replacement parts if reported within 30 days of the delivery note. It is your responsibility to check the contents of your order and report any missing or damaged items within the 30-day period.

      1.3 Returning items

      1.3.1 We have a 30-day return policy for Learning Space products, which means you have 30 days after receiving your items to request a return.

      1.3.2 To be eligible for a return, your items must be in the same condition that you received them, unused, and in their original condition and packaging. Items that have been built or partially built cannot be returned for a refund.

      1.3.3 To start a return, please contact us via email at [email protected].

      1.3.4 It is the responsibility (including the cost) of the customer to return the unused items in their original packaging using a safe and secure method. Proof of dispatch may be required. We recommend using a trackable service as we cannot be held responsible for returns that are lost in transit.

      1.3.5 Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

      1.4 Warranty Claims

      1.4.1 If you wish to return items that are faulty, please send an image of the fault and a copy of proof of purchase to [email protected] within 30 days of receipt. We will then be able to advise if the fault is covered under the warranty. Returns covered under the warranty will be arranged free of charge.

      1.4.2 Please note that damage caused by trampolines being blown over in the wind, or by some other external force is not covered under warranty.

      1.5 Your refund

      All items are inspected on return for any signs of use or damage. We will notify you once we have received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund has been approved or not. If approved, you will be automatically refunded on your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process the refund. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any returns questions.



      Returns and Warranty

      Returns are accepted within 30 days from the date of delivery note. It is the responsibility (including the cost) of the consumer to return the unused goods in their original packaging using a safe and secure method to return the goods.  If goods are refused by the buyer or the carriers have not been contacted after they have carded your property, the goods will be returned to us and we will refund less the cost of the delivery and any return charges we have incured. A restocking/repackaging free of 10% will be applied for goods returned not in original packaging, damaged or missing parts.

      Please note that we can only replace any missing parts or replacement parts if reported within 30 days of the delivery note. It is the buyers responsibilty to check the contents of their order and report any missing or damaged items within the 30 day period.

      When placing orders, please make sure you have selected the correct item(s). The customer is responsible for the return shipping charges.

      If you have chosen to hire an independent builder to erect your trampoline, please do not hire them to arrive on day of delivery of the trampoline. Delivery may be made late in the day or could be delayed due to circumstance outside of our control. Please also check that you have received the correct item before paying for a build. We will not be held liable for costs incurred.


      My order is wrong, what do I do?

      Please call our customer service team on 01473 747792 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, within 30 days of placing your order.


      Warranty Claims

      Please send an image of the fault and a copy of proof of purchase to our warranty department via email to [email protected] or by post: YJ Europe Ltd, Unit 3/3a Farthing Rd Ind Est, Farthing Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 5AP


      Wind damaged trampolines

      If your trampoline has suffered damage due to high winds, replacement parts can be purchased. Please call a member of our sales team on 0344 800 4060. Please note, damage caused by the trampoline being blown over in the wind, or by some other external force is not covered under warranty.


      Jumpking Resellers

      are one of our official resellers but are not part of this company. If you have any queries regarding your order with, please contact them directly via their website.  We will however try and help if you are experiencing problems.